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BPS New Zealand The 4-4 Surfboard Pack (for Beginners and Kids)

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The BPS 4-4 Surfboard is... guess how long? If you guessed 4ft 4in, then you're exactly right! This mini kids surfboard is a perfect beginner surfboard for kids with plenty of volumes to catch waves. With removable fins, these surfboards double as a boogie board for the beach and a surfboard, allowing each rider to use it as they like in different kinds of surf. Most beaches will allow you to ride it as a bodyboard without the fins.

We designed our surfboard to maximize performance and float so you can enjoy the waves in a variety of conditions. Measures 4' 4" x 19 1/2" x 2 1/2" with 27L Volume. This surfboard supports beginners Up To 160 lbs, especially for kids to learn to surf on and become comfortable as a surfer.

This surfboard is built with an EPS core with 2 wooden stringers for added durability. The bodyboard deck is covered with a soft IXPE foam and the bottom is slick HDPE with a scratch-resistant checker pattern. Beginners can know that their investment in this surfboard will last because of the addition of two wooden stringers that provide extra flex and durability for their surfboard.

The 4-4 Beginners Surfboards package includes 4-4 Mini Surfboard, a Free Coiled bodyboard leash, and a Free set of (3) two-tab surfboard fins with rubber safety edges. The removable fins make the surfboard easy for you to travel with. There are a bunch of great colors of 4-4 surfboards to choose from, so what are you waiting for? If you've wanted to learn how to bodyboard or surf at the beach this summer, the time is now with the 4-4 BPS Surf Board!


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