Do you offer a warranty for your products?
Yes, we do! All our items come with a 'Right Choice' guarantee.

We have a 3-year warranty for Leashes, Paddles, Racks, Tie-down Straps, iSUP bags, Fins, SUP grip pads, garments, and other surf accessories.

We have a 12-month warranty for Bodyboards and Skimboards.

How do I place my order?
Add your chosen product/s to your cart and click the shopping cart icon on the upper right side of the page to proceed in checking out your items.

Does BPS ship internationally?
We only ship within the U. S. at this moment. Please email us to see whether we can make arrangements for any other overseas orders. We are pleased to assist you.

How long until my order arrives?
You may choose your preferred shipping method on the check out page. There are three options: Priority, Expedited, and Standard shipping.

How can I contact you?
Send us an email at hello@barrelpointsurf.com or click the mail icon beside your shopping cart. You may also click the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of our page. We don't have a phone number yet, but we'll reply to your email within 12 hours, even on holidays or weekends.

How do I register my product's warranty?
To register, scan the QR code on the warranty document with your phone.

*Please note: The QR code will take you to Facebook Messenger, so make sure your account is signed in before scanning it.

Alternatively, you may type the link (which can be found on the paper insert) into your browser on your phone, PC, or laptop to register.

Email us if you can't find the paper inserts so we can assist you.

What should I do if my order is damaged/defective?
All of our items come with a "right-choice guarantee." If you have any issues or problems with your order/s, please email us so we can have your item replaced or refunded without needing to send it back.

What should I do if my item is too small/too big (size mismatch for garments)?
We can help you get the right size, but please check the size guide on the product page before placing your order to avoid inconvenience.

What size of the board should I get?
The size of your board is determined by your height, and weight, so please check the size guide on the product page before finalizing your order.

Where are your products manufactured?
All our products are designed and tested in New Zealand, and we have them manufactured by our trusted partner in China. We thoroughly test all our products and do our best to ensure they fit our high standards.

Do you have a physical store?
None at the moment.

Do you have social media accounts?
Of course, we have! Follow us on our official social media accounts:

INSTAGRAM - @barrelpointsurf
FACEBOOK - https://www.facebook.com/BarrelPointSurf

If you have pictures of you using BPS products, feel free to tag us so we can feature you on our social media platforms!


Our products are backed up by Surf and Snow Warehouses Money Back Guarantee. We really stand behind our products – so if you have any questions or concerns about a product at anytime - please just contact us.


You can ALWAYS reach us easily by hitting the ‘Contact Us’ and we will get back to you straight away.


When you buy a product from us we will email you to check everything arrived in perfect condition, and provide an email link so you can really easily ask any questions you have.