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BPS 12-Piece Board Deck Pads

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Paddleboarding made comfortable with these super soft-grip pads. It gives that ‘warm feel’ when paddling on cold days and prevents you from slipping.

Design: Diamond Tread
Material: Ultralight EVA foam, 3M Adhesive
Length: 75.5"
Width: 24.5"
Type: 12-Piece SUP Deck Grip
Compatibility: Paddleboard (SUP board)

THE COMPANY - Helping everyone to 'get out and do' is the reason Barrel Point Surf exists. Created by a Kiwi surfer and caring Dad who loves helping others get out onto and into the water, we're a Mom & Pop business that began with us building surfboards in our garage. Now we are all about helping make water sports accessible, wherever you are in the world. Say yes to barrels, not barriers.

THE PRODUCT- BPS 12-Piece Traction Pad provides a superb grip for your paddleboard, plus it gives your board a fantastic look. Excellent comfort when in use as these traction pads are super soft on your feet when paddling. It also provides a 'warm feel' for your feet when paddling on cold days.

MORE ABOUT THE PRODUCT - This deck grip features ultralight EVA foam and market-leading 3M adhesive for an ultimate stick. 75.5 inches long and 24.5 inches wide at its widest point. Super easy to install and customize as you can use an art knife to cut it out. You can easily stack boards on top of each other without board bags (when on a roof rack) as it comes with a cushion of foam in between boards.

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