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BPS Waterproof Mat

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Put away your wetsuit, towels, and booties in one sealable storage and keep them away from dust. Also comes with a hidden key pocket to keep your small items.

Color: Black
Size: 35” across (900mm)
Closure Type: Drawstring
Features: Sealable Hidden Key Pocket
Add-ons: Wax Comb with Bottle Opener & Fin Key / Leash String Kit / FCS Screw Kit

THE COMPANY - Helping everyone to ‘get out and do’ is the reason Barrel Point Surf exists. Created by a Kiwi surfer and caring Dad who loves helping others get out onto and into the water, we’re a Mom & Pop business that began with us building surfboards in our garage. Now we are all about helping make water sports accessible, wherever you are in the world. Say yes to barrels, not barriers.

THE PRODUCT - BPS Change Mat is designed by an experienced surfer- it turns into a larger bag where you can store your poncho/towel, wetsuit, and any extras like neoprene booties or gloves. It can also protect your car from being wet or smelly as you can change your wetsuit, tighten the drawstrings (which are friendly to cold hands!), and turns it into a dry bag. This change mat can also prevent your wetsuit from dirt and so extend its life.

MORE ABOUT THE PRODUCT - This change mat also features a SEALABLE HIDDEN KEY POCKET for stashing any small items. Save money when you choose to buy the change mat w/ combined wax comb, bottle opener, and hex key (worth $8 on its own), or with FCS Screw Kit (Fin key & 6 screws – worth $6 on its own) or w/ the Leash String Kit (2 strings - $5 on its own). All extra accessories can be found in the hidden pocket inside the mat.

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