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BPS Pro Bodyboard Leash

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Super comfy neoprene cuff for all-day wear. Made with heavy-duty materials, it won't break easily and prevents kinking and tangling!

Type: Coiled Bodyboard Leash
Length: 4’
Inclusion: Leash plug
Material: Heavy-duty Thermoplastic Polyurethane cord
Special Feature: Dual stainless swivels, Slim and lightweight Cord, Super Soft Neoprene cuff, Quick Release Strap

HIGH-QUALITY COILED LEASH FOR BODYBOARDS - The BPS 'Storm' Coiled Wrist Leash is designed with a super comfy, padded neoprene cuff featuring a key pocket and a quick-release tab. The coiling eliminates leash drag, which means there's no risk of snagging submerged objects. It also keeps your leash up on the back of your board and out of the water! Ride on!

DURABLE, COMFORTABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT - BPS has sourced the best quality materials-trialled, tested and thrashed to give you a long-lasting leash. Made from heavy-duty materials with a lightweight thermoplastic polyurethane 7.2mm cord and double stainless steel swivels for safety. Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime without a single worry!

DUAL SWIVEL FOR NO TANGLING & KINKING - No more annoying kinking and tangling that disrupts your perfect afternoon on the bodyboard. All that is thanks to an improved dual stainless-steel swivel! There's more - this leash also includes a leash plug for free in case you need a replacement! Welcome to the benefits of becoming a part of the BPS family!

E-GUIDE INCLUDED - Each leash comes with an E-Guide that will come to you via email after the purchase. It's filled with easy-to-follow instructions and useful photos that will get you acquainted with your leash in no time.

BPS GUARANTEE - All BPS products come with a full 12-month guarantee starting the day of purchase. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase, or if the product's faulty, we're happy to replace or refund it (the choice is yours). In case of any questions, shoot us an email! From the shores of New Zealand, BPS is here to help you to 'get to your happy'!


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