Why a rash guard is an essential piece of kit

Why a rash guard is an essential piece of kit

If you’re anything like the late Jack O’Neill or the BPS team, you want to be out on the water as long as humanly possible.

Cut your sunscreen application time in half and get you to your happy quicker by wearing a rash guard. Designed to protect your skin while out in the water from harsh UV rays and chafing, rash guards sit against the skin while still allowing for flexibility and breathability. The BPS team would never surf without one.

Here are our top five reasons why the humble rashguard is on our list of essentials when out on the water, whatever your watersport preference.

  1. Protection from the heat

Wearing a rash guard in the water provides that extra barrier between you and the sun. We’re big on sun protection in New Zealand, as the sun is much more severe in our little corner of the world.

Most sunscreens wear off after a few hours in the water. So, if you’re in the water for a long time, your chances of getting sunburnt are very high – unless you take a break, get out of the water and reapply.

Like other good quality rash guards, BPS short and long-sleeve rash guards provide UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) up to 50+. That means 98% of the UVA and UVB rays are blocked. So cut your reapplying time in half and chuck one of these on.

  1. Protection from the cold

We’ve all been there – it might be a really sunny day, but a light wind makes having your shoulders out of the water feel cold! Wearing a rash guard provides that extra layer of thermal protection between you and the elements.

While not ideal for the shoulder and winter months (you probably want something a bit thicker for these times of the year), a rash guard will help in warmer months if you feel the cold.

  1. Protection from chafing

One of the main benefits of wearing a rash guard is protecting your body from chafing.

For surfers, in particular, the wax on your board is great for keeping your feet on the board, but it makes for a super rough surface that easily causes chafing on your stomach and chest.  

Our pro tip? Get a rashguard with a board short connector loop to stop any annoying riding up while out on the waves.

  1. Stay sweat-free and fresh

Feel fresh all day long, whether in or out of the water, with a good quality rash guard like ours that is quick dry and moisture-wicking.  

  1. Be seen in style

Having a bright-coloured rash guard means that you can easily be seen should you need to be.

Speaking of the water, we can hear the waves calling our name. See you out there!

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